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Fuel-dispensing equipment, the accounting system

Offer type: salePublished: 17.06.2021
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Fuel dispensers - the column Piusi.
Equipment for pumping and filling of fuel (automatic mini stations)
Self Service (fuel Dispensers. In the column for a full range of non-profit provision of fuel) Cube 56/70/MC/ (Automatic mini stations and dispensersin the Column for non-commercial distribution of diesel fuel)
 ST/ST 200 (Mobile transfer station (gas station mini) diesel fuel for non-commercial release of fuel)
 Drum (Mobile transfer station (gas station mini) diesel fuel for non-commercial release of fuel) Pico (Minsupala, pumping unit with centrifugal pump for diesel fuel) Battery Kit / PiusiBox (Minsupala, Portable portable pumping unit for diesel fuel) Viscotroll (the Ideal product for the issuance of oil from the barrel in the shop)

Well-deserved popularity of the mobile unit Cube 56, within which are placed compactly pump, motor overheat protection and a non-return valve, mechanical flowmeter with two scales of measurement - overall and separately for each operation at the gas station. Outside Cube 56 is a combination of Italian design and usability, here are the window of the dial of the meter, the holder for dispensing faucet and knob for zeroing the scale after filling operation. This small column (HH cm) weighs only 21 kg, easy to installation, for proper operation requires no special training.

Extreme simplicity and economy in use differs filling unit ST. In this model has everything you need: pump, counter, dispensing hose and dispensing faucet and wall fasteners.

Similar equipment is available for use and for pumping of lubricating oils. Also for pumping diesel fuel, gasoline and oils you can apply manualpumps, and to control the supply and consumption of fuel and lubricants to install electronic meters with non-volatile memory.