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Equipment for storage and accounting of fuel

Offer type: salePublished: 17.06.2021
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Logging , construction and agricultural technique , as the rule , used on delete from stationary The gas station and requires frequent refills fuel . As to organize refills technology in field conditions ? As to ensure vacation POL without operator and when this to have full control ? New generation mobile filling equipment allows to solve these problems .

A distinctive feature of these speakers is that they have the ability to connect to a personal computer, the included software that allows you to display and store all the information about refuelling operations, such as date, time, number of discharged fuel and the operator ID that produced the fuel. To protect against unauthorized access to the column there is an electronic key or a set of code from the keyboard unit. This equipment allows for a low one-time cost to implement full-fledged stations not only with full control of consumption of fuels and lubricants (POL), but also to have information on the grant of fuel to each consumer. The model number of available capacity from 56 to 90 liters per minute and the number of users from 50 to 120, and as additional options - built-in printer, vodootlivnye filter, the possibility of installing the gauge on the tank.

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However, don't forget about filling the blocks with mechanical counters operating from car batteries voltage 12 and 24 V and 220 V, with light weight (7.5 kg) and performance up to 90 l/min.

For example, at a site remote from stationary gas station, is under construction with the assistance of technology, running on diesel fuel. It can be tractors, excavators, cranes, trucks and other equipment that require periodic refueling. Agree, to drive crawler tractor stationary gas station costly, and poured the fuel bucket, scooping it from the tank, outdated and environmentally unfriendly, and frankly, this method is not filling enables you to keep track of fuel consumption.

Much easier to bring diesel fuel in standard 200 barrels of the construction work, Unscrew the cover and in its place install a mobile filling unit DRUM, which is equipped with a telescopic pipe for the intake of the fuel pump, engine, litre counter sleeve and a dispensing valve. The range has a model with a power source with a voltage of 24 VDC, allowing to fill the tractor with fuel by connecting directly to battery.

This is just one of the ways the organization fuelling on the example of construction equipment. Similarly, you can use this equipment in agriculture, road construction, extractive industries, logging - in short, where machinery operates at a considerable distance from stationary gas stations. Using mobile equipment PIUSI you can implement a full-fledged stations for internal needs of the company. For this it is necessary to have a container that is large enough and filling one of the modules that are most suitable for your specific requirements, based on the number of fueling operations, performance, dimensions, etc.
equipment for storage, pumping and dispensing of diesel fuel, motor oil, kerosene, motor oil, antifreeze, antifreeze, additives.
Pumps, meters, hoses, fittings, metering units. Package contents filling modules under the order.
Automated systems for monitoring (control) condition of tank farms and self-service gas stations.
All the information You can get if you have access to the Internet from anywhere in the world.
Upgrading departmental gas station modern accounting systems.
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