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Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:ZAO 'Firma Sigma'
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

JSC "Firm Sigma" offers cooperation in the field of supplies for Your predpriatia packaging material with printing up to 10 colors , inclusive:

The material under the General title of micspamdeveloped many European manufacturers (empac, alzapam). It was done not in last of all, for the sake of economy and improvement of consumer properties of the finished products. Here are some of the advantages micspam over traditional foil 38 μm:

1. More compared to the foil material (ton foil - 9000 sqm, ton micspam - 14000 sqm).

2. Material more resistant to puncture than the foil, therefore, produce less prone to damage during transportation from factory to store shelves.

3. Material well off the jar or Cup, not eager unlike foil.

4. Micspam - glossy material of white color, print which looks more bright than on the foil.

In currently micspam widely used in Russia and is used almost on any packaging equipment of domestic and imported production.