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lactic film

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:ZAO 'Firma Sigma'
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow


                             CJSC "Firm Sigma" offers cooperation in the field of supplies for Your enterprise packaging material with printing up to 10 colors included:


RE white film with surface printing

Data PE film designed for packaging of milk and dairy products with limited life implementation and therefore do not have a protective layer against UV rays. Term of realization of products is 36 hours from the time of bottling. Such packaging for all its apparent simplicity has high strength characteristics, resistance to puncture ( with the exception of leaks during the packaging), and also provides high speed on two-lane packing machines of the type "FinnPack". The presence of special additives in addition to all the advantages it provides the reliability of welds when welding "butt" and "overlap". Use special paints intended for contact with food avoid the loss of resistance in a wet environment.

PE film white with black sublayer and surface printing

Packaging of milk and dairy products in plastic filmwith the outer white layer, medium black and transparent internal, ensure the safety of the product from 72 to 120 hours. Having all the advantages of white films, they advanced at the expense of the middle black layer provide an additional barrier against the penetration of ultraviolet rays that reduces the impact on the production and prolongs shelf life. Internal a layer of dairy films that are in contact with milk, transparent, made of clean, chemically inert polyethylene. High resistance to puncture, excellent welding properties and excellent gliding on packing line provide high speed packaging and eliminate any leakage of the finished product. This type of package has a price advantage over other types packaging ("Tetra Pack". "Pure Pack" and PET containers), while providing perfect preservation of the product during the shelf life.