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Drilling Kyiv and region

Offer type: otherPublished: 06.03.2017
Price:240 UAH
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Drilling for, Kiev (quickly, efficiently, with categories of MGBU, large drilling experience - more than 2000 objects, minimum price, after-sales service).
We drill wells in the Kiev region up to 300 meters.
Can perform drilling in Kiev and the region:
1. the drilling of artesian wells
2. drilling drain holes
3. drilling for heat pumps
4. drilling under the key.
The cost per meter of borehole:
50 mm ? the PE pipe 10bar. -from UAH 115
63 mm ? the PE pipe 10bar. -from UAH 136
76 mm ? the pipes-from UAH 163
90 mm ? the pipes-from UAH 183
110 mm ? the pipes-from UAH 203
125 mm ? the pipes-from UAH 239
140 mm? the pipes from 259 UAH
160 mm ? the pipes-from UAH 303
Many are asking the question. What does it mean "not to spoil the landscape of the site or to carry out drilling in a remote place"? The answer is simple. In their work, use their new M, b U - rigs of small dimensions, which actually perform the drilling virtually anywhere - access problems to the point of drilling and landscape fall away immediately.
Drilling in Kiev: Osokorki, resurrection gardens, Rusanovsky gardens, Red farm, Poznyak, VUM, Troyeshchyna, Rusanivka, Obolon.
Drilling in Kyiv region with small rigs in terms 1-2 days for a minimal cost.
Full Konsultatsii specialist can get on the phone to Order drill, and to check the current price on the day of your order you can contact by phone.