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Thermometers technical

Offer type: salePublished: 13.01.2017
Company:ChP Suchkova A.T.
Seller:Larisa Ivanovna
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia

PE Suchkov, A. T. offers a wide selection of thermometers designed to measure temperature and control of technological processes.

Bimetallic thermometers used in industrial installations. The thermometer is able to measure the temperature of liquids, gases and other media. The temperature range depends on the limit of stability of the material of the thermometer. The principle is based on the property of a bimetallic spring to untwist/twist when the temperature changes. These thermometers are also distinguished by high reliability and precision of measurement. Manometric thermometers consist of a submersible element, the connecting capillary and tubular spring housing. The elements of the thermometer are combined in a device that filled under pressure or an inert gas (argon, helium) or thermostatic substance (halons, methyl chloride, ethyl, acetone , toluene, propyl alcohol) Fluctuations of temperature of the measured object leads to a volume change or the internal pressure in the submersible device. Pressure deforms measuring the spring deflection which is transmitted to the indicating arrow

Thermometer liquid - a device for measuring temperature, the principle is based on the thermal expansion of the fluid (according to the volume of body temperature). Thermometer liquid relates to thermometers direct reference. A liquid thermometer is widely used in engineering and laboratory practice for measuring temperatures in the range from -200 to 750 °C.