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The device registration Drive 250

Offer type: salePublished: 26.03.2020
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia
Ammeter D Scales of VSC-2M Libra laboratory mechanical equal armed 200g - 5 kg Libra laboratory mechanical equal armed 50g-1kg Water meter MZ-150 Water meter MZ-80 Water meter SKM 7/25 The detector FA 01 Hygrometer psychrometric VIT Weights calibration 20kg TH-4 to 20 Dynamometer DPU 0.01 to 2 Dynamometer manual ploskoreznyh PE-90 Meter resistance grounding of the M-416 Meter resistance grounding f 4103-M1 Indicator ICH 0-10 mm, 0.01 mm, class 1 Indicator voltage PIN 90 Coil electrical resistance R The odometer KU-AND Lightmeter Yu 116 Shop resistance MCP-60M Shop resistance P33 Magnetic starter, PME-211 Magnetic thickness gauge MT-NC-M Megger M 4100/4 Megger M 4100-1 Megger M 4100-3 Megger F 4102/1-1M Megger F 4102/2-1M Micromanometer TNM-2400(5)-1,0 The Micrometer M 0.22.125-2 The microscope reading IBE-2 Set of weights G-4-6111.10, class, Bulgaria Plate glass plane-parallel PI-100 Plate glass plane-parallel PI-120 Plate glass plane-parallel PI-60 top Plate glass plane-parallel PM-15 Plate glass plane-parallel PM-40 Plate glass plane-parallel PM-65 Plate glass plane-parallel PM-90 Potentiometer constant. current PP-63 The device Petrova CPD-2M The device registering the Drive-250 XA (K) Relay RPU-1-312 110V Stopwatch Agate SOS PR-2B-2000 VO 0.2 sec Stopwatch Thank PIF PR1-2000 0.1 sec Thermometer vibration SP-1 Thermocouple CCI 0679 886-02, 500mm, PP(S)/2/0 +1300C Thermocouple SCI-0879-01 50 m/s/3-50/+200C 446-39 Thermocouple SCI-1088 +180C Transformer current UTT-5M Gon bench calibration USH 100mm, CL 2 Wardrobe clothes SNOL of 3.5.3,5.3,5/3 - I3 350C Probe measurement No. 2 CL 2 Probe measurement No. 4 CL 2 Motor D 127V 24 rpm Motor D 127V 72 rpm Motor FDLR 32-15-UHL 220V 2 rpm