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Plywood water-resistant FC + plywood water-resistant PSF + plywood laminated PSF - buy plywood in Kharkiv

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:Fanera Har'kov
Seller:Evgenij Igorevich
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
Plywood water-resistant (FC), plywood water-resistant (PSF), plywood, laminated (FOF), osb boards are moisture resistant, fiberboard, veneer natural sliced, shields, furniture veneer, edge(veneer) from a warehouse in Kharkov c delivery throughout Ukraine in any amount: The plywood water-resistant FC 1525x1525 mm Plywood water-resistant PSF h mm Plywood laminated PSF h mm Plywood net transport of laminated for h Plywood laminated color film: dark cherry, green, under beech, light brown, black, white, grey, plywood for painting, plywood under the transparent film. Plywood: smooth\smooth; smooth\mesh; smooth\plywood; mesh\plywood DVP HH,5mm OSB plates moisture (Egger) 2500 x 1250 from 6 to 22 mm Shield furniture veneer (oak, ash, birch) him Veneer natural sliced 0.6 mm - 1.5 mm - 2.5 mm The natural edge (veneer) with the glue-melt Opt. The retail. Cutting (cutting, sawing). Loading. Shipping. Discounts! The materials we have in stock, imported directly from manufacturers. All products are certified. When production use only high quality raw materials and high-quality equipment. Eventually, you get excellent products, quality repairs using our materials for many years, good mood, Economie of Your time that may be spent for searching unnecessary fakes, which leads to unplanned additional costs.