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Glued laminated timber, prefabricated houses made of beams,installation

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:Sovremennyie derevyannyie doma
Seller:SDD Valentina
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

The company "Modern wooden house is on the market for wood construction since 2002. Now we can confidently say that our company is one of the leaders on the market of wooden house building. We have built more than 300 objects from traditional houses, baths, restaurants to exclusive high-tech constructions of wooden timber, precious wood, long-span wooden beams bent-glued wooden structures.

Powerful production base, equipped with high-tech equipment allows us to produce laminated profiled beam length of up to 24 metres, as well as bent-glued wooden beams and construction of up to 24 meters and a height of beams up to 2.5 meters!

Production glued laminated timber starts with the cutting and drying of wood (planks) to a moisture content 10-12% in the drying chambers with automatic control system modes (up to 500 m3 of softwood rocks in the month). Then dry the boards pass through the planer (Weinig) and the calibration line, where marked and cut defects (pitch pockets, large and black swirls, bark, blue and so on). When sorting wood is the quality, aesthetic parameters that taken into account when gluing timber, since the outer lamella us whole. After sorting is the process of bonding workpieces on a jagged spike. Get spliced the Board, which is then planed and torched in size.

Fused sliced and beam boards glued together on the press Weima, while the outer slats should to be glued together in a certain order (slice) that minimizes the cracks and make the timber is visually beautiful. Glulam can be 2, 3, 5-teleunit or more (determined by the number of glued together boards). Then, the finished laminated timber planed, profiled and torched. Our the production unit is equipped with multi-function machines with computer program management StraMapthat allows you to achieve maximum accuracy material processing and, accordingly, to get the best quality product. Use the tools of production Leitz. Volume production of glued laminated timber on two wood-processing enterprises up to 300 m3 per month.