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Cakes to order in Kiev (metro Demeevka )

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'
. Make homemade cakes customized : WEDDING , BABY, ANNIVERSARY, etc. take orders from 3 kg. to 110 gr. for 1 kg., also bake cakes without decorations - 60 gr. for 1 kg Delicious birthday cake will be the Central decoration of Your table and will leave a memorable impression CAKES FOR CAKES: 1. BISCUITS : vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, sponge cake * rainbow*, nut, orange, sponge cake in condensed milk. 2. SHORTCAKE - a cake *HOUSE* with cherries or other options 3.HONEY : thin cakes with cocoa and without, fluffy - type biscuit 4.MERINGUE : with nuts, with coconut. 5.LAYERED CAKES - cake *NAPOLEON* : cottage cheese and plain . BASICALLY ALL OF THE CREAM ADD THE BRANDY AND VANILLA - IF FOR SOME REASON YOU DO NOT FIT THESE PRODUCTS - PLEASE NOTIFY WHEN ORDERING. CREAMS FOR LAYER CAKES : 1. oil + boiled condensed milk is more suited for biscuits 2.oil+ raw condensed milk is more suited for biscuits 3.sour cream and custard with the cream - very good for honey cake and sponge layered with fruit. 4.the sour cream and oil good for sand cake and honey. 5.cream - mainly for honey 6. yoghurt cream with fruits ( kiwi, orange, banana) or other fruit of your choice.- mainly for biscuit 7.custard - perfect for cake*NAPOLEON* and to thin honey cake layers 8. oil-boiled (you can add cream ) biscuits, honey cakes. 9. curd butter cream is best suited for sponge cakes can be filled with fruit. TOPPINGS FOR CAKES: dried apricots cooked in orange juice, prunes, cherries in brandy, nuts in caramel with or without fresh fruit of your choice, caramelized fruit.