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confectionery production, we deliver.

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Donets'ka Oblast', Odessa oblast', Khersons'ka Oblast', Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Kirovohrads'ka Oblast'
Private enterprise "Grant" is a manufacturer of confectionery products: - bagel with fruit filling (screen)- 17,00 -sweet biscuits with raisins - 12,50 -shortbread cookies "Chik-Chik" (the screen)-14,00 -shortbread cookies "Daisy-tropic"(screen)-17,50 -shortbread cookies "Daisy-chocolate"(screen)-17,50 -cookies shortbread Clamshell (screen) -20,00 cookies biscuit "Madeleine", a blackcurrant-22,00 -cookies oat-13,00 -oat biscuit (screen) -13,00 -gingerbread: with jam, chocolate, peppermint, -dairy. (sealed box)-12,50 -gingerbread with jam in the screen-12,50 -the gingerbread screens : mint, dairy, chocolate 12,50 -muffins with jam(screen) -19,50 -muffins with raisins(screen)-19,50 -muffins with black currants (screen)-19,50 -muffins with banana cream (the screen)-19,50 -muffins with melted milk(screen)-19,50 -muffins with chocolate filling(the screen)-20,00 muffins from scratch shock-ing with shock. the drops(screen)-20,00 -cupcake "logs" with raisins (screen-20,00 -cupcake "Kapelewski" (screen)-22,00 -cupcake "Muscati hard" (screen)-30,00 -cupcake "Capital", with raisins NOVELTY -21,00 -a cupcake filled with "caramel" NEW -21,50 -Rich cookies shortcake "McDonalds"-24,50 packaged products: -bagel with fruit filling -6,00 -cookies oat-6,10 -sweet biscuits with raisins-4,20 -shortbread cookies "Daisy-assorted"(screen) - 6,40 -gingerbread: with jam, chocolate, mint, dairy, rye - 6,30