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KERAMOIZOL-insulation of residential and non-residential premises

Offer type: salePublished: 27.05.2013
Seller:Vitalij Andreevich
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Address:Ukraine, Luhans'ka Oblast'
Today is increasingly in industrial and civil construction as insulation use liquid insulating materials with characteristics superior classic (mineral wool, polyurethane foam and other).
With rising energy prices, more and more paid attention to the conservation of heat.
To reduce heat losses to zero, it is hardly possible, but to achieve a significant reduction in heat street is quite real.
In order to ensure reliable protection against heat loss and exercise of insulation present to your attention a liquid ceramic insulation KERAMOIZOL.
KERAMOIZOL is applied:
- insulation of buildings and constructions
- when the insulation of cellar and basement
- when warming frozen walls
- when insulation bulkhead seams
as protection from condensation
as protection from fungus and mold
as anti-corrosion coating
- when the installation of ventilated facades
- in thermal insulation of ventilation systems
- in thermal insulation of the roof
- when the insulation of foundations
when the thermal insulation of tanks
- when the insulation of railway cars
- when the insulation of motor vehicles
- when insulation farms
- insulating containers
- insulating garages
- when the tunnel insulation
- in thermal insulation of compressor installations
- in thermal insulation easy-up designs
- insulation of pipelines and steam lines
when the heat-hydro isolation of river and sea ships and boats.
And in the case where the use of other types of insulation is not possible or difficult.
KERAMOIZOL removes fungus, excessive cooling and freezing of the walls, condensation and rust.
KERAMOIZOL not contain toxic or harmful substances.
The MATERIAL does not support combustion, prevents the formation and spread of flame.On fire-technical classification belongs to the group of Flammability G1(difficult flammable).
1 liter = 1 sq m
1 liter = 65 UAH.
Consider cutting rates individually for each client!
Warranty manufacturer's 7 years!
Detailed information on the website:
phone (066)-888-18-80