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Resell Plus waterproofing Paint

Offer type: salePublished: 23.05.2013
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"Resell Plus - waterproofing paint is proven!
Universal use rubber paint "Rezel" VD-AK-1113 for the pool (when the multilayer coating is water - at least 2 layers plus hardening soil 1-2 layers), for europabio, sealing joints on the new roof, paint the fence posts, the base or the front of the house, the walls of the bathroom or basement. The paint is resistant to abrasion, easy caleruega lightfast pigments for water-based paints. Paint "Rezel +" VD-AK-1113-water dispersion, gloss with a high content of latex.
Rubber paint is a highly elastic semi-matte coating based on acrylic dispersion. If properly applied, it does not crack or peel in a few years. Virtually odourless during application. Rubber paint perfectly tested under adverse conditions - high humidity and temperature extremes.
It permeable. Painted its surface to “breathe”. The manufacturer recommends the use of rubber paint for primary repair and painting stucco, concrete, plastered, brick, covered with Wallpaper, plasterboard, chipboard and fibreboard surfaces, wood, tile, asphalt, asbestos cement.
The paint is ready to use. It should only mix. It is permissible to dilute it with water: for the first layer to add no more than 10, and the second not more than 5 percent.
The best result can be achieved by coating the walls and roof in 2-3 layers, and floors - 5 layers of rubber paint. In addition, when the color of the floor covering and pools need to use a hardening of the soil, putting it in 1-2 coats depending on the nature of the surface.
On average, each square meter you will need approximately 120-150 g paint for previously processed or pre-primed surface; 160-190 g - puttied surfaces, Wallpaper, drywall, chipboard and fiberboard and 250 g or more for coating concrete and plaster. Drying time “to touch” - 30-60 minutes prior to a final hardness of 1.5-3 hours (depending on temperature and humidity). Fully hardened coating only in a week.
Surface preparation:
Fresh concrete (new pool from concrete, cement plaster before painting must be kept for at least four weeks before painting. At this time you need to fill the pool with water for a few days to get rid of soluble salts and alkalis. All defects in the concrete surface be eliminated by using special waterproof filler and plaster compositions. The painting be done only after complete drying of the surface
- The surface must be dry, free from dust and contamination, not to have cracks and irregularities. In the presence of fat and oil pollution, the surface should be degreased. If necessary, the surface should be sakpatenti, to Polish and remove the dust from sanding. Hard glossy surfaces or old flaking coatings should be removed e.g.painted with oil or acrylic paints, sand until Mat, wash with a solution of phosphate of sodium or soda, rinse thoroughly with water and dried.
Priming: - to reduce the ink consumption and to increase the adhesion with the surface, it is recommended that required surface finish Universal deep penetration primer(Concentrate 1:5) Prepared surface should be primed with primer in accordance with the instructions on the packaging of the primer.
- before you apply the paint carefully stir in the package (if you want to add the pigment/paste for tinting, no more than 5%)
- thinning is not recommended, when applied by spraying dilution water not more than 5%.
- apply 2-3 coats with a roller, brush or spray at a temperature of at least +5 °C and not above +23°C on a dry surface regularly stirring the paint during operation. For hand protection rubber gloves.
the next layer is applied after complete drying of the previous (at least 4 hours drying before applying the next layer)
- immediately after the work tools with water with soda and soap or detergents.
after painting the floor to stand for 7 days before commissioning. Pool fill water through at least 7 days after painting.
Temperature of application: Temperature of application is not below -5°C and above +28°C
Drying time: resistance to the touch 45-60 minutes, to solid state is 2-4 hours depending on temperature and humidity. The final density of the ink is accumulated within 7 days. Not designed for loads of frozen water.
Average consumption: 7-8 sq. m/l
Paint consumption per single-layer coating 120 - 150 g/m2 - painted or primed surface. Depending on method of application and preparation of the surface.
Density: 1.1 kg - 1 liter
Packing: eurometro 11 kg - 10l
Color: White (for tinting is used lightfast pigment/paste for water-based paints (no more than 5%) Gloss: Semi-gloss
Storage Store in an airtight, sealed containers at temperatures above +5. Guaranteed shelf life in original unopened package of 12 months from date of manufacture.
Environmentally friendly, no smell.
Delivery: delivery service "New Mail"