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Gate mini-football, handball h, manufacturer , Ukraine

Offer type: salePublished: 07.02.2018
Seller:Klochko Nataliya
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Produced by Gate mini-football, handball metal (folding, not collapsible) with bands and no bands. Also picking nets from a simple school to professional. Gate FOOTBALL, MINI FOOTBALL, HANDBALL football goals h(collapsible),according to the requirements of FIFA(arcs),piece-4650,00 UAH. Football goals h(collapsible),"JUNIOR",piece-2950,00 UAH. Gate mini football h(collapsible)without bands,piece-2400,00 UAH. Gate mini football h(not collapsible)without bands,piece-2000,00 UAH. Gate handball h(collapsible)with bands,piece-2600,00 UAH. Gate handball h(not collapsible)with bands,piece-2200,00 UAH. Gate mini-football,handball h(collapsible) aluminium complete mesh,vapor-10500,00 UAH. Gate mini football,handball h(collapsible), articulated folding to the wall,on wheels,PCs-4300,00 UAH. Gate mini football,handball h steel, vertical lifting,PCs-4100,00 UAH. Gate mini football,handball h steel, mobile on wheels,PCs-2800,00 UAH. Gate mini football, handball h steel with mesh netting","OUTDOOR VANDAL" in the set.with the basket.shield and basket,piece-gr.