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Chemicals for electroplating: zinc-plating, passivation.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Chemistry for electroplating: zinc-plating, passivation.

For alkaline galvanizing "COLLINK - bishopshostel the cleaner the amp". Vysokosloistye zinc coating, featuring scattering and the coverage is, the ductility of the coating, the resistance of the electrolyte to pollution (difficult to cover the relevant parts).

- For slightly acidic galvanizing "CLSID - wetting bishopshostel". Vysokosloistye, smooth, plastic zinc coating, simplified disposal no connections ammonia and ammonium, low temperature process.

- Passivation yellow, yellow-rainbow "rainbow 126 provides high corrosion properties of zinc coatings, polishing action, easy adjustment. The possibility of obtaining coatings under "gold", working with dyes, low content of Cr+6.

- Passivation colorless, blue "Trivalent" low cost, low consumption, long service life.

- Additional protection of zinc coatings to increase corrosion properties of zinc coatings "CYCOLAC - varnish film and SHIELD 2 the silicate film.

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