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Wedding cakes — from understated classics to inimitable exclusivity.

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
Price:100 UAH
Company:Konditerskij dom 'LYa ROShEL''
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

If you order ten-pound wedding cake + LOAF as a GIFT!
• *Cakes made to order - from 90 UAH. for 1 kg + a LOAF as a GIFT
Best sweet masterpieces under the order: caramel, chocolate, food of the mastic and the lightest of sponge cake with different types of impregnation and whipped cream + exclusively from natural ingredients:
— Birthday cakes — from classic to glamour;
— Wedding cakes — from understated classics to unique exclusivity;
Corporate Cakes;
Cake birthday, anniversary, newborn;
— Baby cakes;

A cake for a housewarming party;

— Curly cakes;

Author cakes;

— Cakes with a nautical theme;

— Portioned cakes and pastries;

— Figurines for cake;

—Buns, bakery products;

 Exclusive cakes;

Have its own service. Manufactures of cakes (from 75грн. per kg.), exclusive cakes (from 3 UAH. PCs.) of any complexity and any weight ranging from 1 kg Apply labels.Under the order make any FIGURES of mastic and marzipan.


*Cakes made to order-90 UAH. per kg; Loaves - 65 UAH. per kg

*Photos on the website:
To order and to get more information You can call :
Contact information: (095)010-09-85