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Fiberboard is not laminirovanie polished 3.2 mm 2.H.22m

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:30 UAH
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

The basic properties of the plate derevobrobnij:

plate derevovedeniya intended for use in construction and furniture designs, protected from moisture, produced for both the domestic demand and supply for export;

plate derevovedeniya manufactured equipment Bison-werke" made in Germany with checks all the requirements of the foreign non-waste technology and quality meet the best foreign samples.

Technological firewood and scrap plywood production is crushed in rubilnik machines M RR-GN and MPH-50 on the Scion technology. The Scion is sorted, washed and enters preparaci boiler. After steaming the Scion auger is transported in rosolino unit, where it is ground on the fiber, which is dried, mixed with additives and enters the hopper forming machine "Bison-werke". In the forming machine is formed the blanket, which conveyor is served in valcavi press, where plotnitsa. Then pre-trimmed, popadae in calender press. Pressing is carried out between the steel tape and a calender at a temperature of 160-190°C. On canvas fiberboard comes to formationrates machine where it is cut to the desired format. After this stove is sorted. Is tutu and after checking the CPD comes to the composition of finished products for sale.

- The production is provided automated technological complexes for functional system control and management.

Thus, compliance technology, which provided foreign manufacturers of machines and equipment, use of automatic and semiautomatic equipment, vojvodic minimize the influence of the human factor.