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Depilatory Powder Nora ( Nuri)

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:125 UAH
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NORA (Nuri) - powder for hair removal NEW

Based on natural Persian mud obtained from healing sources.

The unique composition enriched genuine cowhide leather-makessmi herbs and minerals.

When applying the skin becomes soft and velvety like a baby.

 Gentle and pleasant texture powder when applied to the skin does not cause any unpleasant sensations , no irritation.

IMAGINE just 5 minutes and the hair disappear - You just remove the blade and rinse the area of the body . AND THAT'S ALL !!!


The skin becomes fresh, healthy and spotlessly clean .

 And You good mood and a lot of free time

 POWDER depilatory gift of NATURE for health and beauty !!!!!

 The origin story : in ancient times people used to solve their problems that they found in nature. So many years women who lived in the East used for depilation stones that they found on the coast.They noticed that not all the stones have this effect .

In the early 90s onwards, scientists Turkey who noticed this fact , began to study these stones and found that the main component of this depilatory effect is barium sulfate. But however, studies have shown that these stones are harmful to skin toxic components. Before scientists began the task : to synthesize the useful component barium sulfate and eliminate toxic components, which penetrated into the skin with stones.

In 1995, for the first time scientists got absolutely harmless component barium sulfate from natural mineral and has created a new product POWDER FOR HAIR removal.

Today barium sulfate is widely used in medicine , such as a radiopaque substance and in industry.

 Today we are introducing a brand new product NORA (Nuri) , which will remove all nejelatelse body hair in the armpit, legs, bikini area and on the hands. Suitable for both women and for men.

It simply and quickly , effectively and painlessly!

NORA (Nuri) is an alternative to waxing , cream , safety razor, laser hair removal

Composition : barium sulfate, talc, calcium, bio-carbonate, henna, perfume.

Mechanism of action : the active components damage the protective sheath of the hair structure by splitting into small fragments.

Application method : in a small bowl dissolve a small amount of powder (50-60 gr.) in warm water ( up to 40 deg.) and stir well with a spatula ( wooden, glass, silicon) to the consistency of cream, by gradual infusion of warm water in small portions to avoid lumps. Wait 5 minutes Then received the cream with the spatula to apply not a thick layer to clean the treated area of skin where you want to remove hair and to hold no more than 4-5 minutes. After that, scraping with a spatula , remove the cream with the dissolved hair and rinse well with warm water.

Suggest then applied to the treated skin surface light moisturizer or lotion.

We recommend you apply the resulting cream "steamed" the body , for example , after taking a bath or in the bath , the sauna. When this effect is more persistent.

1 package enough to 3-4 times ( individually).

Weight 200 gr., the dry powder. The shelf life is unlimited.

Produced in Turkey.

A gift for every customer - free shipping Ukraine*,**

When buying 2 pieces - 10% discount

When buying 3 items - 15% discount


If You are also interested in cooperation in Your region , please send us a little info about yourself and Your wishes . We will gladly make You an advantageous business proposal.

* free shipping 1 piece -. is the post office ( on Your address)

** free shipping 2 PCs - New-Mail ( specified warehouse in Your city)


EVEN IF YOU still like to use a razor , electroepilation, wax or laser ,

BUT YOU don't HAVE TIME to do the hair quickly BUT REALLY NEED RIGHT NOW - contact us!!!! Our product will do it for 5 minutes

Nothing is faster, safer and more efficient ! See for yourself!!!!!