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Turkish coffee Mehmet Efendi

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Coffee in Istanbul appeared in 16. century during the reign of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. He presented his özdemir Pasha, the Ottoman Governor of Yemen, who loved to drink coffee during your stay in Yemen.Coffee soon became a vital part of the kitchen of the Palace and was very popular at court.Coffee quickly spread from the Palace to the great mansions, and from the great mansions in the homes of ordinary people. People in Istanbul was quickly inspired by the drink. Green coffee beans were purchased, and then roasted at home in a pan. After this, the beans were ground and brewed in a coffee pot, known as "Pots".
The company Mehmet Efendi works since 1871 and is suitable for coffee production as an art, transferring skills, knowledge, experience and subtleties of the craft from father to son and from master to disciple.
Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi is committed to coffee lovers enjoyed an excellent taste and quality with every SIP of coffee.
As mentioned above, until the second half of the 19th century in Turkey, coffee beans were sold in raw form. They were roasted at home, and then milled using a manual coffee grinder.All this changed when Mehmet Efendi inherited spices his father Hassan Effendi and store green coffee beans.
Mehmet Efendi was born in 1857 in the region of Fatih in Istanbul. After his education at the school at the süleymaniye mosque, Mehmet Effendi began to work in the workshop of his father on the street Tahmis. Mehmet Efendi took over the family business in 1871 and began to roast raw coffee beans, grind and sell fried and ready Turkish coffee to their customers. Soon the street Tahmis filled with the rich aroma of fresh coffee. Thanks Mehmet Efendi coffee lovers can enjoy the convenience of buying pre-roasted and ground coffee, and he soon became known as "Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi", or Mehmet Efendi - sold roasted and ground coffee.After the death of Mehmed Efendi in 1931, the family business passed to his three sons: Hasan Selahattin Bay, Hulusi Bay and Ahmet Riza Bay. The family officially adopted the "Kurukahveci" as your name in 1934.After the death of Mehmet Efendi, his eldest son Hasan Selahattin (1897-1944) began to pay attention to the importance of the international market and decided to work abroad. Thus, the Turkish coffee was to move abroad well as actively as in the domestic market.In addition, in those days, the company began to package their roasted ground coffee in parchment paper and spread their packages with coffee in grocery stores and store on the corner across the city. The company also opened a branch on the famous Istiklal street.After the death Hulusi BAA, the company passed into the hands of the youngest son Mehmed Efendi - Ahmet Riza Kurukahveci. Educated abroad, Ahmet Bey was familiar with the global trends and global economic development, which inspired him for the modernization of the company and, most importantly, the investment in advertising. In 1933, he ordered one of the leading designers of the time, to develop a logo for the company. This logo is still used today. The company also promoted its products through posters and calendars - it was a revolution in display advertising that period of time. The company Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi began to deliver coffee in the domestic market with its own car Park.
Today, the company Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi is run by the grandchildren of Mehmet Efendi, who had assumed leadership of the company after the death of Ahmet Riza Kurukahveci. Almost a century later, the old equipment was replaced with new modern coffee machines. What started as a small family business on the street Tahmis in 1871, now turned into a global brand.
From the 1930s onwards, the company actively participated in different exhibitions and festivals of coffee in Turkey and abroad, promoting Turkish coffee. On tasting, the representatives of the company Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi share with other participants and visitors a fascinating history of Turkish coffee and its particular role.

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