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Seeds of winter wheat. Grade: Antonovka, Easter Egg, Bogdan, Natalka, Zolotonosha. From the manufacturer

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Seller:Aleksandr Viktorovich
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Address:Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast', Chutove
Author: M. A. Litvinenko, N. About Goncharuk, O. M Pasenchuk.
The sort of intensive type, universal use. In restre varieties of Ukraine since 2008,
recommended for cultivation in the steppe and forest-steppe zones of Ukraine. Medium spalni,
the vegetation period 280-285 days. Medium Rosli (92-96 cm).
Resistant to lodging, onipanu and germination of grain in the ear. Resistant to frost, zasukhoustoichivost.
Grade positively responds to high agrobackground, at the same time provides high yield with low agricultural background and separovich predecessors.
The sowing date and rate of seeding total taken to Zoni.
High-yielding due to the large bushiness and coarsely vypolnennogo grain (weight of 1000 seeds 36.2-44.4 g) .
The average yield of 48.6-87.5 kg\ha, which is 4.9 to 6.0 t / ha higher grades standards.
The variety is resistant to fotosobraniyami.
Easter EGG
Economic and biological characteristics:
Intensive type universal use on various agricultural background.
High performance at the expense of tillering (620-840 productive stems/m2) and grain size (weight of 1000 grains 40,0 was 44.5 g).
Over the years, state trials harvest was 54,5-to 107.8 kg/ha, which is 4.8-17.2 per cent higher grades-standards.
Mid. The vegetation period folds 279-283 of the day.
Medium (92-112 cm), resistant to vilageliu, shedding and germinate in the colossus.
Frost, winter hardiness higher average (7-8 points),
drought tolerance high at all stages of plant development (8-9).
Has field resistance to powdery mildew (4-5 points), brown (4-5 points),
yellow (6-7 points) and stebelkov (4-5 points) rust.
Tolerant to Fusarium Behemoth (4-5 points) but solid Saiki (4-5 points).
Grain quality
Meets all the requirements to strong wheats. The content of crude protein of 12.9 13.8%, gluten or 30.7-34.5 per cent.
The amount of bread 1380-1490 cm3. An overall assessment of the bread of 4.8-5.2 points.
Approbation signs
Kind eritrospermum, colossus white, awned, cylindrical, of medium length (9.5 to 10.5 cm),
Spikelet scales oval. Prong her short, barely bent. Shoulder straight, of medium size.
Kiel srednesemennyh. Weevil red, oblong-oval, large.
Agronomic requirements
The predecessors are not whimsical, but responds well to increased agrobackground,
irrigation and recharge of crops during the growing season.
Sowing time and seeding rate normal and depend on soil conditions and growing area.
Characteristics of varieties
Has anhedral structure with a high level of adaptation to arid conditions of the steppe zone.
Refers to the intensive varieties with increased resistance to low agricultural background and variations in growing technology.
Relatively better tolerate early sowing.
Orignator: / fseog Roslin , genetics of NAS of Ukraine, Mirowski as wheat men C. M. craft UAAS.
Reseved - lutescens. Type of development - osimi. Kushch - napitralski, roslini Seregno visati.
Proporcii sheet has parni vescovi salt on PHW and slabke antiano sabellina wushock.
Solomin slabko vipunen C to parnem vescovi nanotom on verniau mywwzl Slavkin opushenny opallo powern verkhnego of busla.
Spike blogo ABO SOLOM Yano-autogo coloro primaline formed, Dovgy newline C to parnem voskovimi nanotom navname Subname.
Bottom Koloskova Lucca: Avelino formed, the shoulder prame Seregno the width, zuberi prami I that's too short,
opushenny internal povern - slabke, sonno - slabke. Serve czerwonego koloru,
the Central for dolginow the wide, large. Jasiczek - Seregno dourine, KL on the bottom quotcome lust - navni.
Roslini Sawicki 98-104 see Simonstl variety in umbach promarijuana - wise the Central,
polovich umbach for rocky wirabuana, simonstl decided to 8.5-8.9 ball.
Sticksthe variety to villagana