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The insecticide Karate scored the highest number 050 CS MK.with.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Company:OOO 'Ekspertiza-Lyuks'
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Address:Ukraine, Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv
A PYRETHROID insecticide for crop protection against a complex of pests, including mites, as well as for disinfestation of grain storage and prilegayushchii. KARATE scored the highest number is a unique, new form, which is an aqueous suspension of microcapsules with a diameter of 0.1-10 μm, made of polymer. In capsule added stabilizer that protects from UV rays and extend the period of activity of the drug. New preparative form provides rapid penetration of the active substance through the cuticle and rapid effects on insects. Preparative form Microencapsulated suspension Active substance 50 g/l lambda-cyhalothrin. Packaging 5 L. Brief description the combination of high efficacy against a broad spectrum of pests with low cost of treatment of 1 hectare; instant action and a high level of mortality with minimal dosages; not washed off by rain immediately after drying of the working solution of the sheets; not dangerous to bees (and many of entomophages), because it has a repellent effect; suppresses the ticks that reduces the use of specific acaricides; has contact, residual and intestinal action; effective against household insects and pests of grain stocks; rapid decomposition of the active substance does not cause problems with the remains (usually less than 0.01 mg/kg) in crops and reduces in connection with these terms of expectations. The rate of flow of the working fluid The rate of flow of the working fluid depends on the processed culture and its obliterati and ranges from 150 l/ha (field, vegetable, medicinal crops) up to 1200 l/ha (fruit crops). Compatibility with other pesticides Compatible in tank mixtures with most insecticides, fungicides and herbicides used at the same time. However, in each specific case mix drugs should be tested for compatibility. Protection period 2-3 weeks (depending on weather conditions, timing of application and the type of pests). The speed of impact KARATE scored the highest number has a pronounced "knockdown"effect. Death occurs after 30 minutes and up to 2-3 hours after treatment (depending on climatic conditions, species and physiological state of the pest). Phytotoxicity Using the product in strict accordance with the company guidelines does not create the risk of phytotoxicity. The possibility of resistance There is no subject to strict compliance developed by recommendations. To prevent resistance, it is recommended to alternate the application of insecticides from different chemical groups with different mechanism of action. Recommendations for the protection of useful flora and fauna objects The drug is slightly toxic to birds. Toxic to fish and bees. It is necessary to avoid pollution of water bodies and drinking water sources remnants of the drug and the water used for washing containers and equipment. To avoid drug in the feed. Not to admit of cattle on the freshly cut area. Application technology Use KARATE scored the highest number in the maximum consumption rate at high pest and work against adults and larvae of older ages. The rate of flow of the working fluid should be sufficient to cover the entire leaf surface of the culture, but do not allow runoff of the drug with the treated surface. The working solution should be used in the preparation day. Storage drug The drug should be stored in a dry storage area for pesticides in the temperature range from -10°C to +35°C. Warranty period of storage 3 years Restrictions Do not apply in the heat of the day, and wet leaf surface or when precipitation is expected within 1.5-2 hours after treatment.