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Corrugated T-6, T-8, T-14, T-18, T-20, T-35. wall. Buy in Kharkiv.

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:57 UAH
Company:FLP 'Veretel'nikov'
Seller:Sergej Veretel'nikov Anatol'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
As wall and facade decking material is applied as: walling industrial and civil facilities (shops, hangars, warehouses, shops, petrol stations, garages, kiosks, and so on); the cladding, fences, partitions; interior trim manufacturing facilities; manufacturer of wall panels; facing and reconstruction (repair, insulation of facades.Materials used: As the source material is rolled galvanized painted steel. Steel grade: FePo3G; 08U; 08KP. Steel sheet thickness: 0.5 mm; 0.6 mm; 0.7 mm; 0,8 mm Zinc coating not less than 275 g/m2. Paint coating: polyester varnish (mm); plastisol (150 - 200 microns); the Puranas (50 μm). Various types of polymer coatings PE (polyester) - 25 μm - resistant to extremes of temperature and UV radiation, with minimal accumulation of dust and dirt. Universal mechanical properties make it possible to use it for both roofing and interior and exterior cladding.Warranty coverage Polyester - 10 years. The coating of the polyester can be glossy or matte. Matte polyester has a high light fastness. PURAL - 50 µm coating based on polyurethane, which is ideal for all roofs and facades. The coating offers excellent resistance to aggressive environments, withstands high operating temperatures, is resistant to mechanical wear, as well as to ultraviolet radiation.Warranty coverage PURANAS - 15 years. PVDF - has high resistance to abrasion resistance, UV-mu radiation compared to other coatings. Durable under conditions of high corrosion activity, in any climate. The coating is advisable when high demands are made to preserve the color and surface finish of the roof.Warranty coverage PVDF - 15 years. Name: Phil "Veretennikov" Contact person: Sergey Anatolievich Address: HTZ Sokolova street 3, office 10, Kharkov, Kharkov region, Ukraine Phone: +380 (572) 93-00-38, tel/Fax +380 (67) 803-31-20, Kyivstar +380 (50) 144-32-23, MTS Email: