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The removal of oil from water surface and soil

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Company:NPP 'Ekonad'
Seller:NPP Ekonad
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa
The proposed Biosorbent "Akonadi" for the elimination of oil pollution The appointment of a biological product "Akonadi": -quick spills of crude oil, oil products, gas condensate on the surface of the water (in ports and shipyards, the open sea, on rivers with slow and fast flow, in the backwaters, lakes, ponds, estuaries, especially for the elimination of pollution in the reach of mechanical means of collecting oil, in the dense pockets of berths and podpisali the gaps, overflow lands, swamps, etc.); -clearing of shoreline contaminated by petroleum products as a result of accidental spills on water, including recreational areas (beaches); elimination of oil pollution of bottom sediments; deep cleaning of oily waste; -use on objects --oil production and refining for the purpose of cleaning and decontamination of oil-containing liquid and solid waste wells, oil sludge; -cleaning of oil-polluted lands; -elimination of oil pollution on all surfaces (metal, concrete, asphalt), technology spills on water, rail transport, road and air transport; use in Metalworking enterprises; in boilers, power plants, i.e. in all enterprises where used oil and oil products (gasoline, oil, diesel fuel, motor oil, etc.); use on/in wastewater treatment plants; vapor recovery of volatile and flammable hydrocarbons.