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The sets of relay protection and automatics - series CRSA and swing the panel on the basis of the microprocessor

Offer type: salePublished: 29.05.2017
Company:PAO "Elektrotehnicheskij zavod" (Kiev, torgovaya mar
Seller:Sergej Zagorujko
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
The kit is designed for installation in cells, external cabinets RZA, panels RZA outgoing lines, section switches, switches with voltage 6 - 35 kV for the reconstruction or replacement of the front cover, relay protection and automatic equipment Cabinet (shield) CSR and switchgear installed legacy devices, Electromechanical and electronic relays. The unit is a metal structure with the possibility of left and right turning the bezel. Panel mounted microprocessor based device RSL (RSL-01, RSL-02, RSL-03, RSL-04) or AL, buttons or keys control switch (optional), relay index "Accident", "Malfunction" overlay "Mode", the ammeter. Design: microprocessor device RSL mounted on the front of the swing panel kit, according to the standard schemes of protection of feeders 6, 10, 35 kV with a simple relay production of our enterprise. CRSA is protected from corrosion. The kit allows the replacement of relay protection devices and associated equipment in a short time at the facility and is compatible with both oil and vacuum circuit-breaker types. Set CRSA developed in accordance with the standards of the national electrical code and PTE. Communication with the switch and other circuits, alarm systems, automation and control via installed on the kit Kramnik. Fully loaded, CRSA is determined when placing the order with the customer according to the order cards. Delivery shall be determined in accordance with the questionnaire completed by the customer. Depending on the desired, selected security features that set the microprocessor manufactured by our company.