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Herbicide dawn 900,(harness) acetochlor, 900 g / l

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Company:OOO 'Ekspertiza-Lyuks'
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Address:Ukraine, Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv
Soil herbicide systemic action against cereal and some dicotyledonous weeds in crops of sunflower, corn. Active substance - acetochlor, 900 g / l Preparative form of emulsifiable concentrate The mechanism of action. The active substance in soil herbicide dawn 900 - acetochlor effect on germinating weeds. Penetrating into the tissues of stems and roots, it actively inhibits the growth and division of cells due to disturbances in protein metabolism. The metabolism in plants weeds caused by acetochlor and is an irreversible process. As a result of acetochlor sprouts of weeds stop growth and development and perish. Action spectrum. In optimal doses provides reliable control of such weeds: sensitive: galinsoga melkotsvetnye, shepherd's-purse common chicken millet, white pigweed, spickle green, spickle PPE, wild radish. moderately sensitive: ragweed, starwort medium, black nightshade, cleaver, common winter cress, field field, amaranth normal. insensitive: birch field, Thistle field, weed leaf, chamomile. The application method and rate of The consumption rate of the product, l / ha Corn 1,5-3 Sunflower 2,0-3,0 l/ha Annual monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds Spraying the soil before planting, at planting or prior to emergence of culture The maximum number of treatments - 1. The waiting period before harvest is not installed. The rate of flow of the working fluid is 200-400 l / ha Herbicide activity "dawn 900" manifests itself only in the presence of moisture in the soil. In dry conditions it is mandatory mechanical sealing of the drug at a relatively small depth. The application of the drug is carried out on the soil surface. The soil should be sufficiently warm, wet and melkogruppovoy. Large solid lumps increase the area of absorption and reduce the effectiveness of the "dawn 900". Optimal conditions - rainfall or irrigation after spraying (10-15 mm). The best way to apply immediately after planting, before emergence of culture, under harrowing. Without stopping "dawn 900" is made with a high probability of rain drop. The characteristics and advantages. Provides high efficiency over a long period of time (4 - 6 weeks); destroys the weeds even before their shoots; exclude inter-row soil; ensures effective in killing weeds and obtaining a significant increase in yield; rapidly degraded in soil to non-toxic compounds. Who classification: hazard class 2 (highly stable in water). Compatibility with other drugs used separately. Packaging 20 HP