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Jute, jute yarn

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
1.The jute twine (Bangladesh) 1-3 NIT,0,8-1,8 ktex, from 38 rubles/kg 2.Ropes, jute ropes twisted GOST 1868-88 from 55 cents/kg 3.The sisal ropes 5-26mm from 90 rubles/kg 4.Burlap wrapping goto-linen 196-g/m2,s from 13.5 USD/RM 5.Burlap sack of goto-linen 380 g/m2, SSM from 70,0 ruble/PM 6.Burlap sack of goto-linen 367-420 g/m2, s from 23.5 ruble/PM 7.Burlap jute sack 380 g/m2, s from 25.0 USD/RM 8. Jute A,b,C,D,E otro/kg jute Yarn otro/kg 9.Burlap jute (376-420g/m2) from23,5 ruble/PM, linseed (196-420g/m2) at ruble/PM 10.Postal bags of all sizes with printing. Pouches, gift pouches, gift, cash in your size from 2,0 RUB/piece 11.Special envelopes burlap d/planting large trees in your size.