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Fish opt. Frozen, dried, fish x/K

Offer type: salePublished: 22.04.2020
Company:OOO "Fish Grupp"
Seller:Ruslan Volodimirovich
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Address:Kvasyliv, Rivnens'ka Oblast', Ukraine
OOO" fish Grupp " offers wholesale river fish in the range.

Roach crane March - 30 hryvnia.
Bream caviar March - 30 hryvnia.
Any amount!

Frozen fish, dried fish, cold-smoked fish. Also in the sale vaviloviana crana fish.
Always in the presence of crucian carp, silver bream, Zope, roach, bream, Rudd, pike, perch, catfish, silver carp, tench, pike, verhovod etc.
There are all necessary documents, including passport and catching the documents for export.
Work on 1, 2 form of payment, VAT, deferred payment up to 3 weeks.
Discounts for regular customers.
Call (viber/telegram/whatsapp)!