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Equipment of organic fertilizer from manure of cattle, small ruminants, poultry litter, food waste, dirt, sawdust. Line of granulation of organic fertilizer

Offer type: salePublished: 26.02.2021
Company:OOO Maslyannoe oborudovaanie Tyan'yuan'
Seller:Ji Bing
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

OOO Oil equipment Tianyuan G. Singcang offers a line of equipment for the production organic fertilizer from manure of cattle and small ruminants, poultry litter and food waste. Raw material for organic fertilizer can be straw, wood sawdust, dirt, bard, etc.

It is also possible to granulate organic fertilizer from above raw materials. The equipment allows fast fermentation of raw materials. The quality is high.

The company also produces equipment in the following areas:

1. In the food industry: a line of equipment for the production , refinance and extraction vegetable oils of all types.

2. In the agricultural industry: a line of equipment for the production of meat and bone meal, fish meal, feather and blood meal, edible and inedible fat waste from meat industry. On installations of blood meal and feather meal. Produce the most modern vacuum boilers of different capacity.

3. Line of equipment for the production of biodiesel I, gas, CNG and LNG from waste cooking and used vegetable oil .

4 .In the chemical industry: All kinds of containers or pressure vessels for the chemical and food industries. Oh, and oil and gas industries, including rezervuary, teploobmenniki, towers, evaporators, perevarivatei bodies, a Stripping column, reactors, boilers, distillation column, servocity tower, hydrolysis pot.

We guarantee high quality equipment low price and highly efficient after-sales service.

We have successful experience of delivery of equipment to many countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan Uzbekistan, Indonesia, India, Africa, etc.

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