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Trailed sprayer OP-2000/2500 litres

Offer type: salePublished: 14.05.2019
Company:OOO Agrolyuks-Dnepr
Seller:Yuliya Vital'evna
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Nikopol', Ukraine

Trailed sprayer OP-2000 l,18 m of capture.Trailed sprayer OP-2000/2500 litres a rod width of 18 metres. Rod folding manual hydraulic lift.
Delivery in Ukraine.
Capacity, plastic 2000 L.
Rod reinforced 18 meters
Working height rod, 700-1650 mm
Clearance sprayer, 370 mm.
Track width, 1350-1750 mm
The pump capacity 140 l/min
Weight up to 930 kg.