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System to collect bee pollen: Pylesbornik

Offer type: salePublished: 22.09.2020
Seller:Nechiporenko Alyona
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Sell Pylesbornik ( Pilsbry ,Piccoloblu ) for collecting pollen from bees. Made pylesbornik by size shell: ladder, plastic grating for pollen, a metal grille for the passage of the pollen in the drawer (pushed from the back side of the hole), cover. A bee with pollen is held in the notches, the ramp gets to pylesbornik the grid. Selected pollen passes through the metal grate in the box. If the hive is elevated above the ground and underneath it circulates air, and a box for pollen has a mesh bottom and an appropriate volume of the pollen can be produced once a week. Fit Pylesbornik and horned hive (Veliky) from Palisade. Is used and there are new ones that were not yet in use. The price is negotiable. Will send You delivery service. Call : 068-199-30-92