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Cord for large bales of hay ut 400 (Juta) 5 kg

Offer type: salePublished: 22.04.2019
Price:390 UAH
Seller:Evroshpagat kompaniya
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Address:Volyns'ka Oblast', Ukraine, Novovolyns'k

In season, farmers care about the feed animals for the winter. Harvesting of dry grass and straw is enough of a chore. So they have hay equipment and equipment that collects the hay from the bales is balers. Small press collected the grass from the square bales. This job requires a special rope, which will be formed bale. But the bales come in different volumes and different weights. The more you bale, the more necessary the rope.

Utah (Juta) 400 5 kg manufacturer from the Czech Republic - polypropylene twine for enhanced compaction of the silage. The brand has proved its products to excellent quality and reliability. The thread is made only virgin polypropylene that ensures long-term storage. Stretchy and soft, easy to cut when working without injuring the blades of the press. It is very popular among many farmers, and deservedly leads the twines.

The parameters of this twine: 400 m/kg weight of a Bay of 5 kg, the full footage of 2,000 m, with great power the filaments in the gap 98 kg, width 2500 Tex, color blue, packaged in black.

The company Eurospirit supplies and sells hay baler twines well-known European brands on the Ukrainian market for many years.

Available cords other manufacturers: Juta (Czech Republic), Tytan (Poland), Atlas (Poland), Tama (Poland), Agronika (Slovenia), Piippo (Finland). The thread of different density: 110, 130, 360, 400, 500, 600, 1000 m/kg.

We also offer nets for vegetables, tarpaulins and polypropylene bags.

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