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Sell safety valves РД14-00-1, РД14-00-2, РД14-00-3, РД14-00-4

Offer type: salePublished: 01.05.2018
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Sell safety valves РД14-00-1, РД14-00-2, РД14-00-3, РД14-00-4
With the conservation proposed new safety valves:
the valve РД14-00-1
the valve РД14-00-2
the valve РД14-00-3
the valve РД14-00-4
Is a adjustable relief valve, installed in various hydraulic systems.
Designed to maintain the hydraulic system specified pressure by bypass of excessive amounts of fluid in the drain line,
used in irrigation systems, gazoneftepererabatyvayuschy industry bench equipment.

Sell safety valves: RD-14-00-1; RD-14-00-2; RD-14-00-3; RD-14-00-4;
Sell safety valves: RD.14.00.1; RD.14.00.2; RD.14.00.3; RD.14.00.4;
Sell safety valves: РД14.00.1; РД14.00.2; РД14.00.3; РД14.00.4;
Main technical data
The working fluid oil, hydraulic oil, non-corrosive liquid
Permissible fluid temperature, °C from -60 to +90
The adjustment range of opening pressure kgf/cm2 300 20...
Product weight, kg 1,3