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Boilers on waste oil KDO

Offer type: salePublished: 26.04.2018
Price:28 000 RUR
Seller:Tulupov Vadim Aleksandrovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Krasnodarskiy Kray, Krasnodar
Dukhobortsy boilers, furnaces - working out, furnace oil, fuel oil. Reliable, easy to operate, economical (double the turnover of burning the oil vapor through the heat exchanger to the original design efficiency of 90%) a series of boilers working out, furnace oil, fuel oil, diesel, furnaces, heat gun. Furnace bath. Cauldrons. Wood-burning heating, heating and cooking stoves for cottages, cabins, greenhouses, garage. Chimneys . The installation of heating. Currently, time is constantly growing tariffs and prices, our company works in the field of alternative energy heating systems waste oil (furnaces, boilers, heat generators) and solid combustible waste. Knowing the price of diesel fuel, electricity, coal and firewood, as well as work on the last two types of fuel and given the calorie content of the waste oil (mining) it becomes obvious the economic benefits of the heating working. Our experts will help you choose and install the necessary equipment (furnaces, boilers, radiators, pumps, chimneys, stoves, etc.) the boiler 15 kW+control unit+an oil pump the boiler is 25 kW+control unit+an oil pump the boiler is 35 kW+control unit+an oil pump the 55 kW boiler+control unit+an oil pump Unit overfill the oil (placed on the chimney) The protection unit boiling Oven 10kW +tank+ mutator boost+преобразователь12v Furnace 10 kW+control unit+an oil pump Furnace 25 kW+control unit+an oil pump call agree.1 year warranty available anti-Crisis prices, call agree. Will answer Your questions on WatsApp and Viber. 8,938,311,38,47 to Staubach 26 . Russia