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Sales of machine tools 2С150ПМФ4, 67М20ВФ2, 6Т12Ф201, ВМ127, 16Е16КП, СФ35.

Offer type: salePublished: 25.04.2018
Seller:Promstart Sergej
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Address:Ukraine, Vinnytsia Oblast', Vinnytsya

The milling machine coordinate-drilling 2С150ПМФ4, 1988.

Machine universal milling 67М20ВФ2, 1995.

The vertical milling machine СФ35,

The vertical milling machine 6Т12Ф201, 1987,

The vertical milling machine ВМ127, 1983.

Lathe, screw-cutting 16Е16КП, 1990.

Lathe, screw-cutting kusan-3, 1987.

Lathe, screw-cutting FT-11, 1985.,

Lathe, screw-cutting 16K20.

Machine jig boring КР450,

Machine jig boring 2421,

Intragrinding machine 3М227АФ2, 1991

Machine vertical drilling 2Н135, 1976

Machines in excellent working condition, equipped with. In the presence of the passport. Pre-check in work. More information and photos on request.

Make the dismantling and loading of the machine – for free!


Organize shipping, payment in the same direction.

Shipping options:

- partial load, close to your equipment will to go strange cargo, a cheaper option.

- solid cargo goes once your cargo is more expensive.


The purpose of the sale ― the reduction of production.

Cash or Bank transfer possible combined payment.

Submitted all the documents.

Possible sale/delivery throughout the territory of Ukraine, as well as in CIS countries and abroad.


Also available in other metal equipment.