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Semi-automatic equipment for printing on balloons MRT - 07

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2018
Price:32 500 UAH
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

In the Russian market have appeared, perhaps, the best option semi-automatic equipment for printing on balloons.

The printing section, the model MRT – 07

The cost of the machine is 74 000 rubles.

In set:

· Machine MRT–07 – 1 PC.

· Control unit – 1 PC.

· Screen frame – 1 PC.

· A device for pumping balls with dispenser – 1 PC.

· Nozzle for pumping balls – 1 PC.

· A unique tool tray for balls (size 12 inches) – 1 PCs

This equipment is very compact, which allows to carry out the printing process even in small spaces.

Not unimportant advantage of this machine is its virtually silent operation. While working with him, even in residential areas you don't inconvenience others. More detailed information concerning this equipment can be found on our website. There you will find a detailed video review, which clearly demonstrates all the stages of the printing process by means of this equipment.

If you plan to make stencils, you will need the following tools:

The nozzle on the shower hose, providing a powerful directed the flow of water to effectively clean the screen form (the average price is 600 R.)

A set of drugs for the regeneration of the stencils. The cost this kit is 7050 R. (enough for approximately 100 stencils)

Kit drugs consists of:


- the light-sensitive emulsion (900 gr.). Comes activated or if the emulsion is not activated, then together with the sensitizer for activation of the emulsion.

alkaline pasta 700 gr.

activator alkaline paste 1 l

- degreaser 1 litre


In cases of especially heavy contamination of the screen form it is recommended to apply special liquid "Storm" for deep cleansing stencil shapes. The price is 1600 RUB (1 liter)

For printing on balloons using a special paint based on natural rubber. For best print quality, we recommend use a paint TM "Borunox".

Complete for all machines, we recommend to purchase standard set of colors, consisting of 6 most popular colors (white, black, red, blue, green, yellow). Capacity of cans with concentrated paint 0,5 litre.

The cost of paint – 999 rubles per 0.5 liter.

Standard set of 6 colors will cost you only $ 5994 RUB

For maximum efficiency we recommend to use special thinners TM “Borunox”. Typically, the diluent is acquired number 1 to 1 with paint... Proportions for dilution indicated in the instructions...

Respectively, for the 3. the Paint possesses 3 l of Diluent BR – 02. The cost of diluent BR – 02 – 450 RUB Per 1 liter. 3 liters for 1350 RUB

For best results, stencils, hands, parts of the machine recommend the use of a wash-sporecheater paint TV – 08.

The cost of the TV – 08 – 1000 rubles for 1 liter.