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Baking Novaslav Ognev STAND-200

Offer type: salePublished: 21.04.2018
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

There are 3 basic sizes of the furnace heating and cooking "Ognev"," depending on the amount of space: up to 100 m3, 150 m3, 200 m3. The furnace and the top the plate furnace is made of structural quality steel with a thickness of 4 mm. Design the furnace is equipped with a convection casing that creates air currents and quickly heats the room, giving heat from a steaming hot oven. On the surface of the furnace "Ognev" you can warm or cook food and to heat room and connecting the tank furnace to the heat exchanger is to heat water. Cast iron grate and steel ash pan, which is under bars allow you to adjust the intensity of air access to the wood that allows you to control the process of combustion – enhancing or reducing it. Shipping Ukraine.