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Sell sensors: RFS-2500, DTA-10E, RFS-2500A, DTA-10

Offer type: salePublished: 21.04.2018
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Sell sensors: RFS-2500, DTA-10E, RFS-2500A, DTA-10
The speed sensor RFS-2500
The speed sensor DTA-10E
The speed sensor RFS-2500A
The speed sensor DTA-10
Sell sensors: ДЧВ2500, ДТА10Е, ДЧВ2500А, ДТА10, DTA-10-E, RFS-2500-A, ДТА10-E ДЧВ2500-A,
Sell sensors RFS.2500, DTA.10E, RFS.2500A, DTA.10, DTA.10.E RFS.2500.AND, ДТА10.E ДЧВ2500.And,

The speed sensor RFS-2500A, RFS-2500 is designed to convert shaft speed
products into a proportional voltage pulses.
Further treatment remove from the impulse sender is an electronic control systems
used in ACS turbojet engine
The speed sensor DTA-10E, DTA-10 is for issuance of an electrical signal
close to a sine wave with a frequency proportional to the shaft speed of the engine,
on which the inductor.