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Skidder GAL 5052

Offer type: salePublished: 21.04.2018
Seller:Igor' Vasil'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Tractor GAL 5052 is designed for collecting and hauling of trees or Khlystov assortments from the place of felling to lesopogruzochnaya points.Skidder (skidder) has stiffer suspension, high ground clearance, protection of units and mechanisms from damage. Technological equipment is a device for collecting and transporting trees, whips or assortments, ensures their retention during skidding.

The tractor is developed on the basis of tractor HTZ-157 and has a number of technical solutions. The main ones:
- The use of a four cylinder engine D-245.9 produced by Minsk motor plant significantly improves fuel efficiency and maintenance costs.
- Manual transmission, unlike hydro tractor T-157, eliminates the possibility of oil starvation on steep and long slopes.
- New cabin with reinforced frame.
- Hydraulics for quality components in Italy.
- The pneumatic system is built on reliable components of the Japanese manufacturer Camozzi.
- New electrical equipment of the tractor with a voltage of 24V.
A powerful winch Romanian.
- Convenient location to ski on hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems.
- New design of blade with a larger transverse dimension and a replaceable standard blades
allows the tractor to perform non-routine operations, for example, clearing the roads from snow.
- The kinematics of the shield provides the maximum approach point of the trailer packs whips to the axis of the rear wheels.