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Rotary mower by TMC Cancela R3 (Spain)

Offer type: salePublished: 20.04.2018
Seller:Igor' Vasil'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

For clearing areas of shrubs, trees, wood residuals, for the creation and maintenance of firebreaks recommended to use a flail. Due to the reduction of on-going operations savings of money and time in contrast to manual work. The use of this equipment allows us to replace the operations such as: grubbing of trees, their felling, storage of residues, burning and export. After work mulcher remains the only cod that is mixed with topsoil, allows for economy of forces and time, to ensure the highest level of safety and reduces the likelihood of accidents in the workplace. Company "D LIGHT" specifically picked for You a range of hammer and chain mulcher devices is analyzed well-known brand TMC Cancela (Spain), based on the fact that many farms of the forest industry of Ukraine already have in their fleet tractor class MTZ 80 (82) or their analogues.


- Shell with internal reinforcement of high-strength steel Strenx Swedish manufacturer SSAB
- Front and back protection of the circuits in the form of "blinds"
- Height-adjustable ice skating and guides the sled system with the Widest
- Mount for three-point linkage of steel with steel clamping device
- Hydraulic three-point linkage offset with nylon bushings to support (models with offset)
2 rotor with 2 levels, adjustable in height
The circuit installed on the rotor with hinge
PTO with clutch
Gear famous Italian brand Bondioli 540 rpm and 1 "3/4 Z6
- Patented system ZM and rubber shock absorbers between gearboxes