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Typhoon firewood processor RCA 330 JOY

Offer type: salePublished: 20.04.2018
Seller:Igor' Vasil'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Typhoon firewood processor RCA 330 JOY is an indispensable equipment for the production of finished wood, which will greatly facilitate Your work.

Wood splitters in this series are driven by a motor 11 kW power or by PTO tractorpower from 30 kW. The machine can cut logs with a diameter from 5 to 33 cm in the logs of length from 20 to 40 cm and you can split pieces of logs into firewood size.


The principle of operation of the log splitter is very simple: the prepared logs the startup of the conveyor belt are fed into the chain saw where there is a fixing of logs and cut into logs of the required length. Log length is set by the operator by means of a special limiter.

Then, with the cylinder of the split, is the splitting of a log: cut a stick of wood is pushed on the knife with a force of 110 kN (11 t). The splitting speed depends on the hardness of the wood and during operation changes. The splitting speed is inversely proportional to the splitting force: that there is a big splitting force is achieved at a lower speed and the higher the speed, the power split less. The necessary speed or power processor selects automatically, thus achieving good economic effect.

Knives to split based on log diameter and they can be easily changed. The knives are automatically and smoothly raised or lowered. Ready firewood is unloaded from the machine by means of belt discharge conveyor, length 3 meters. The velocity of the conveyor is set by the operator.


The advantages of wood splitters Typhoon:
– usability – most operations are performed with one stick (joystick);
– minimal energy consumption;
– high performance;
stress split 110 kN (11 t);
– high speed cutting chain, the chain is only switched on during cutting;
– robust machine design.

All the main operating functions of the firewood processor is done with the joystick:
– change of rotation direction of feed of the conveyor belt;
– sawing of logs;
– splitting logs ready for firewood;
– move the knife to the split up/down;
– return splitting cylinder to its original position from any position;
– reset function (RESET) all control functions.

In transport position the log splitter Typhoon RCA 330 JOY is easily transported from place to place with a standard three-point linkage of the tractor.