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Manual chain hoists lever (RTR) - 1.5 tons

Offer type: salePublished: 19.04.2018
Seller:GlobalProm Sergej
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Tal manual chain lever (RTR) is a device for raising and lowering the weight. Tal used if there is a need of lifting weights high, and the operator itself is the same. Lever hoist suspension hook on the body, the second hook is a working circuit. The lifting of gravity is due to the impact of the lever hoist of the reciprocating movements. The hoist can be moved horizontally, if you set her on beam a beam using a special truck.

Used manual chain lever hoist at the construction site for installation works in industry, in warehouses, in workshops.

Advantages hand chain lever hoist :

- the rapid seizure of the goods, due to the free running circuit;

- not much building height;

- easy installation, requiring no special skills;

- moving and accurate pulling chain guide due to design features;

- convenient lever to reduce the physical strain on the operator of a hoist;

- hook working chain hoist and most of high-alloy steel;

- the whole mechanism is in a secure enclosure with corrosion-resistant coating, moisture - and heat-resistant;

- round link chain made of galvanized steel that meets European standards;

- easy to transport, wear resistance, compactness;

- official warranty and post-warranty service from the manufacturer;

- can be manufactured on customer request hoist lifting height of 60 m (pitch 1 m).

An additional proposal to Tali: that would move the weight in a horizontal position lever or gear chain hoist will need a special truck (cat, carriage, trolley). Trolley beam mounted on the beam, this enables her to move easily.