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Reducers cylindrical 1Ц2У

Offer type: salePublished: 19.04.2018
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Cylindrical gearbox 1Ц2У use for devices with continuously alternating periods of operation under load and idle or pauses.

Used gear 1Ц2У in various lifting mechanisms, elevators, for the manufacture of foam.

Technical parameters:

The gear ratio from 8 to 50

Full load from 500 to 140000 N

Torque from 315 to 56,000 N•m

The rotation frequency of 1,800 rpm

Weight from 20 kg to 2090 kg

Advantages of cylindrical gear 1Ц2У :

- increased transmission ratio to 50;

- durability;

- requires no special skills;

- compact;

- effective work;

- possible non-durable overload.