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Insert reference 353.13 SB to the gear compressor to-250-61-5(2) Ø80

Offer type: salePublished: 18.04.2018
Company:Torgovyij Dom 'KMZ'
Seller:Torgovyij Dom 'KMZ' Kristina Aleksandrovna
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Address:Ukraine, Kirovohrads'ka Oblast'

Intoladys reference 353.13.SB to the edtothe Torah toompressor to-250-61-5(2) 80mm p/n Name of parts No. 1 of the drawing. The Rotor (To-250-61-2) 280Н-25-SB 2. The rotor (TO-250-61-5) 280Н-25-01СБ 3. Gear 371-25-SC 4. The redtoThor Assembly, RCOT-320-SB(-01) 5. Pucoto in/OHL. InterMedia. (-250-61-2) 395-84-ЗИПСБ5 6. Pucoto in/OHL. tooncew. (-250-61-2) 395-83-ЗИПСБ5 7. Pucoto in/OHL. InterMedia. (-250-61-5) 371-84-SB1 8. Pucoto in/OHL. tooncew. (-250-61-5) 371-83-SB 9. V/o toOnaway in the collectiontoe wok-79,2 371-83-SB 10. V/o assy I stage 587-84-SB 11. I/o Assembly level II 587-84-СБ30 12. Pucotothe oil cooler UNIVERSITY 10-79-SB2 13. The oil cooler Assembly UNIVERSITY 10-79-SBA 14. Seal (to-t) 280Н-08-SB 15. Intoladys Kom-RA (oporn. D. 65) 280Н-13-SAT 16. Intoladys Kom-RA (op-resistant. D. 65) 280Н-14-SAT 17. IntoGladys ] (oporn. D. 80) 353-13-SB-01 18. IntoGladys ] (oporn. D. 120) 353-13-SB1-01 19. IntoGladys ed. (op.-resistant. D. 120) 353-14-SB-01 20. Deckstoand working (to-t) 280Н-14-21 SB2. The main oil pump. У250-70-the ABS 22. The STS oil pumpto thenovel. У150-72-СБ10 23. Clutch gear al/ed (K-t) 295-27-SB 24. Clutch gear K-R] (to-t) УО8-27-SB 25. Valve redutoinformation DN-50 UN-10 26. Safety valve DN-50-UN-11