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Rules for the selection of tents to rent

Offer type: salePublished: 18.04.2018
Company:Kompaniya "VIPTENT SYSTEMS"
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Address:Republic of Belarus, Minsk

There are many reasons why customers prefer to take tents to rent. And the design choices are primarily determined by the purpose of its erection. There are several criteria that you need to pay attention when choosing the tent. Of course, the structure must be durable and safe. The company Viptent, has 15 years of designing and producing awnings and tents, quality control applies to both the materials used and of all stages of design, manufacture, installation.

The size of the tent include not only the width and length of construction and the height at the ridge and the height of the arches. Area all is relatively clear, it is necessary to choose depending on the number of visitors. But the height of the building determines the quantity of consumables and the cost of rent. But we should not immediately succumb to the desire to save money. If the tent is needed for the occasion, low arches will depress you and can significantly spoil the holiday experience.

The choice of design of the tent is also of great importance. Preference should be given to the sturdy frame of galvanized steel, able to withstand significant snow and wind loads. Rent a tent in Minsk as one of the main services provided by the manufacturer for tensile structures Viptent. Steel frame without intermediate supports – the Foundation of our company designs. Lateral part of arch structures can be closed. The client only needs to choose the walls – transparent, white, extendable.

Rent tents, many believe devoid of disadvantages: relatively low cost, the unusual design, complete freedom in choosing the home decor, can be installed in any suitable location. And, of course, the charm of the festival or any outdoor activities. The disadvantages of such temporary structures include the absence of the benefits of civilization. However, the organization essential facilities included in the list of additional services, although they will have to pay some amount of money. Despite this, you can more efficiently allocate your time and not worry about those nuances, which could be. Among the additional services you can also pick up the installation of HVAC equipment, additional furniture, floor coverings.

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