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Homemade milking Cow unit-1

Offer type: salePublished: 17.04.2018
Price:6 200 UAH
Seller:Podosko Andrej
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Milking machine for cows Cow-1 standard dry rotary type for service up to 5 heads per hour.

The teat cups and cans polypropylene cover, milking pail aluminum.
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General characteristics:

  • Type milking machine: stationary mobile vacuum unit;
  • Recommended time of continuous operation: 60 minutes, rest 40 minutes;
  • Working temperature: 80-90°C;
  • Recommended capacity: 5 cows;
  • Simultaneous milking of 1 cow;
  • The time of milking one cow: 6-8 minutes;
  • The milk tank material: aluminium;
  • Capacity of milk tank: 20 liters;
  • The teat cups material: polypropylene;
  • Cover material milky tank: polypropylene.


  • Vacuum pump: dry rotary vane type;
  • Number of plates: 2 PCs;
  • Plate material: graphite;
  • Electric power: 0.75 kW;
  • Power supply: single phase AC 220V;
  • Maximum vacuum pressure: 0.06 MPa (60 kPa);
  • The amount of airflow required at idle: 220 l/min (7m3/hour).
  • Shaft rotational speed: 3000 Rev/min.