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Original IGBT transistors K50H603 , G50H603 , K50EH5 etc.

Offer type: salePublished: 17.04.2018
Price:130 UAH
Company:Irmit LTD
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Offer original power IGBT transistors for welding machines.

 IKW50N60H3 (К50Н603) ,

IKW50N65H5(K50EH5) ,

IGW50N60H3 (G50H603) ,


FGH60N60SFD (60N60)

FGH40N60UFD (40N60)

RJH60F5D – in ТО247, and TO3

100% input\output control! Check on the bench.

It is possible to select pairs on the stand.


The price of$ 5 apiece.

Diodes fast for all types of inverters.

The key driver IGBT power module A3120 (HCPL3120)


Have everything in stock!

 Sending Ukraine - New mail. Order e-mail:

Irmit_ltd, or tel: 097 342 9587 (Vadim). Contact us!

Repair welding inverters from any manufacturers.