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Automatic and manual sorters (splits) for goats and sheep. Te Pari Racewell

Offer type: salePublished: 15.04.2018
Price:1 000 RUR
Company:Intellektual'noe zhivotnovodstvo
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Sorting gates. Splits working goats and sheep. Automatic and manual sorting of goats and sheep. For adult animals and calves. The sorters handles: 3 and 6-chassis More information: Write to mail: Call 79295912541 Intelligent sensitivity system entrance gate Entrance gate work with dual optical sensors. If following the last animal will try to enter the sorter and be caught in closing doors, smart system sensitivity will open them in a few seconds. In addition, the door system operates independently part by weight of a sorter, which means that the accuracy of the recorded weight will not be affected by any pressure on the gate, for example, leaning animals. Mode 1 - fixed animal, weighed, etc. When the capture is opened, and the entrance gate remain closed and do not miss the next animal until the sensors do not show "Free". Mode 2 "Fast" - the animal is fixed, weighed, etc. When the gripper opens, the entrance gate will immediately open and let the next animal. This mode is ideal when you need very quick weighing at high flow animals. This mode allows the next animal to immediately follow coming from the locking mechanism which greatly increases the flow and performance. Mode 3 "Constant flow" mode completely disables the input gate. Ideal when you need to trim or how to handle some animals. The operator selects Mode 3 and disables the sensors. Thus, the animals pass freely through the paddle and the latch is activated only by pressing a button.