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The rise of Mr (URSW-510ц, -520ц, -530ц, -540ц, -522ц, -542ц, -544ц) - ultrasonic flowmeters

Offer type: salePublished: 14.04.2018
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Brovary

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Multi-channel flow meter-ultrasonic meter "VZLET Mr" URSW-5xx TS designed to measure average volumetric flow rate and volume of reverse flows of various liquids (hot, cold, waste water, acids, alkalis, foods, etc.) in one or more pressure pipelines from Ду10 Ду5000 mm to mm under various conditions of operation, including in hazardous areas. Because of the impossibility or difficulty of installation of the ultrasonic sensors directly on the existing pipeline from Ду10мм for Ду80мм, it is recommended to use different measuring sites (see instructions below in the Specification).

URSW-5x0 y -
(URSW-510, -520, -530, -540) - multi-channel;
URSW-5xx n - (URSW-522 - a 542, -544) - multipath, the piping from Ду150мм.

Produced a special version for NPP.

Distinctive features:
- digital signal processing, minimal time of one measurement, high noise immunity;
- reliable operation when changing the parameters of the liquid;
- significant simplification of commissioning (without the use of an oscilloscope);
the measurement of flow and volume of reverse flow;
- it is possible to supply sensors in various versions (patch, inset), as well as finished measuring sections;
- measurement without pressure losses in the pipeline;
- mode of dosing volume.

- on the LCD display;
in view of the normalized current signal (optional);
- in the form of pulses with a normalized weight or the logical signals;
- via serial interface RS-232/RS-485;
- Ethernet interface (optional).

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