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Cutting wheels for metal Ataman(Ataman) 125;150;180;230;300;350;400 disk, abrasive

Offer type: salePublished: 14.04.2018
Price:7 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv
The online store offers to buy VAREZ cutting wheels brand "Chieftain" in Ukraine at the lowest prices.
Since the beginning of the production of circles brand "Chieftain" in 2005, our company is actively cooperating with these products. Circles "Ataman" in the domestic market immediately established themselves as high quality abrasive tool designed for long lasting and professional use. Thanks to offer a wide range of rounds of various types and purpose found application in the workplace and at home.
Possibility of use with angle GRINDERS and pneumatic machines of different capacities for cutting metal and stainless steel, the Stripping of black metal.
125х1.0 - 7.10
125х1.2 - 7.10
125х1.6 - 7.50

150х1.6 - 12.60
150х2.0 - 12.70

180х1.6 - 14.80
180х2.0 - 15.50
180х2.5 - 20.45

230х2.0 - 18.80
230х2.5 - 20.10

300х3.0х32 - 45.70
355х3.5x25.4 - 55.90
400х3.5х32 - 63

115х1.6 - 6.65

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