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Machine seaming H1-KZM

Offer type: salePublished: 11.04.2018
Price:22 000 $
Seller:Minenkova Elena
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Address:Ukraine, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy
Seaming machine is designed for automatic closing glass jars and bottles caps type TWIST-OFF.
The machine design allows for the steaming of the lids and containers with a product that ensures the creation of vacuum inside sealed containers.
The equipment is made of stainless steel.
Suitable for glass jars (bottles) wide range capacity from 0.2 l to 3l.
Closing machine for glass jars and bottles works in the following way:
Cover in bulk are loaded into the storage hopper. By means of a tape vertical conveyor cover from the hopper drive serves for the horizontal heat. Incorrectly oriented caps are discharged back into the hopper, and correctly orientated are fed through an inclined chute into the zone of steam treatment. After passing through this zone, the cap is placed on the feed conveyor and is also treated with steam container.
Further, the mechanisms of preliminary and final seaming are produced capping cans (bottles) with lids.
Steam, is fed into the container with the product at the time of sealing, after a while condenseries, as a consequence inside a rolled containers, a vacuum is created.